[TWCTF-2016: PPC] Make a Palindrome! Writeup


Challenge description:

Your task is to make a palindrome string by rearranging and concatenating given words.

You have to connect to ppc1.chal.ctf.westerns.tokyo:31111(TCP) to answer the problem.

  • Time limit is 3 minutes.
  • The maximum number of words is 10.
  • There are 30 cases. You can get flag 1 on case 1. You can get flag 2 on case 30.
  • samples.7z Server connection examples.

This challenge was pretty simple. I used the given “example.py”  and added the following function to it:

Then I called it using the original script structure:

And the server returned the flag:

The full script can be found here.


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