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I'm involved with computers since I can remember myself. Security is my main passion, it requires a deep understanding of how things work and it never stops surprising me. Most of my free time is dedicated for political and social activism and in general pursuing of what I see as just. I read a lot, I'm a non-stop learner and I’ll always jump on an opportunity to solve a good challenge. try me.


Megabeets is my personal blog about Malware Analysis, CTF(s), Forensics, Incident Response, Penetration Testing and things that rhyme with Orange. Megabeets is frequently updated with my projects, writeups and thoughts so feel free to subscribe.

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Projects I'm currently involved with

An open source forensic toolkit
Unix-like reverse engineering framework
Synack Red Team
A private network of freelance security researchers
A decentralized worldwide movement to pass on knowledge about digital privacy.