[Pragyan CTF] The Vault



[!@# a-z $%^ A-Z &* 0-9] [1,3]
All we got is a file and regular expression.
Lets run file command on the file to determine its type:

The file is KDB file which is Keepass password database. Keepass is a famous opensource password manager.

I tried open it using KeePassX for windows, but we need a password to open the database. The password probably should match the regex, so I generated a dictionary with all the possible passwords (more then 300,000 words).


And I the ran John the Ripper to crack the password and went to eat lunch.

When I came back I saw that John found the password, now lets open the file:


The flag was pragyanctf{closed_no_more}


4 thoughts on “[Pragyan CTF] The Vault

  1. bih

    Your writeup so great, but I got a little problem: when I typed keepass2john file.kdb > kp in kali I got an error bash: keepass2john: command not found. I tried to use kee2pass.py but it’s not work too. What should I do now? Thank you

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